Overdose-related Loss Grief Support Group

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A Safe Space for Overdose Loss Healing and Support

The Overdose Loss Support Group provides a compassionate and secure environment for individuals affected by the deep and personal impact of overdose-related loss. In this group, you will find solidarity with others who have experienced similar losses, creating a community focused on emotional support and the journey towards healing

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common questions:
What is the Cost?

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we offer all individual services at no cost.

What are the Office Hours?

Our regular office hours are Monday through Thursday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. 

How to join a support group?

To find the support group that’s right for you, simply call 970-506-4114.

How does a 1 to 1 session work?

We focus on empathetic listening & embrace Dr. Alan Wolfelt’s companioning model.

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If questions are weighing on your mind or you’d like to set up a time to talk, please know we’re just a phone call away.