Grief is a journey we don't have to walk alone.

Suicide Grief Support Group

The death of someone important to you is always difficult.  When they die by suicide, it can leave you feeling lost, confused and out of control. You may experience powerful and conflicting emotions like anger, guilt, denial, shock, helplessness and abandonment, that are difficult to cope with on your own. Stigma casts a shadow over suicide deaths that may leave us feeling alone and like no one understands - because, honestly, unless they've experienced it, they don't and can't understand.

The Community Grief Center recognizes how unique and complicated the grieving process can be after a suicide death. We believe sharing our grief journey with other suicide grievers helps ease the pain. Therefore, we partner with North Range Behavioral Health's Suicide Education and Support Services (SESS) to host a support group

The 8-week closed support group offers:

  • a safe place for grieving individuals to share their experiences and feelings with others.

  • education about the uniqueness of suicide loss grief and about mindfulness-based stress reduction coping strategies

  • relief from isolation created by suicide loss for the survivors.

  • tools for healing and reconciliation.

  • hope for a positive and productive future.

Sessions start regularly throughout the year. For more information and to register, contact: or call 970-313-1089

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